GIT init on All-Inkl – quicknote

you may want to store your `.git` repo within the webroot? JUST DON’T IT *

get putty

get your login credentials (host, user, PW)

login via putty

on All Inkl you’re now in the root directory of your webspace.

create a new folder for your repo


create a new folder for your web-root (where the domain is linked to)**




create repo

`git init –bare`

now we want to automatically deploy a copy of this repo in the web dir

`cd hooks`

`nano post-receive`

GIT_WORK_TREE=/www/htdocs/w00fXXXX/ git checkout -f

CTRL+X, choose Y, Enter; this changes the destination-folder and overwrites everything (EVERYTHING!! do not store anything else in this folder)

hook must be executeable (it’s shell file)

`chmod +x post-receive`

now quit the putty console and install git.

navigate to a folder on your local machine, e.g. in windows explorer and right click -> start git bash

`git clone ssh://`


that’s it, ready for git-magic.

* except for if you hoster doesn’t allow other setups, then use `.htaccess` to deny web-access
** do not hesitate to enable HTTPS – at All Inkl the Let’s Encrypt certificates are included FOR FREE!!

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