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would you tell other people to start smoking?


would you tell other people to stop smoking?


do you think smoking is unhealthy for you and others?


are you smoking?




do you think this makes it ‚good‘?


that’s why i do not eat meat.

„Gesetz zur Sicherheit der Bürger“

… das ist ja auch schon bewusst möglichst allgemein gehalten. Hier geht es nicht mehr darum bestimmte, schadhafte Verhaltensweisen zu illegalisieren, sondern unter einem generellen Deckmantel alles unter Verdacht stellen zu KÖNNEN. Generelles Verbot für alles. Jederzeit erweiterbar. Perspektiven wie „Freiheit“ vorsätzlich ausgeblendet.!5224331/

GIT init on All-Inkl – quicknote

you may want to store your `.git` repo within the webroot? JUST DON’T IT *

get putty

get your login credentials (host, user, PW)

login via putty

on All Inkl you’re now in the root directory of your webspace.

create a new folder for your repo


create a new folder for your web-root (where the domain is linked to)**




create repo

`git init –bare`

now we want to automatically deploy a copy of this repo in the web dir

`cd hooks`

`nano post-receive`

GIT_WORK_TREE=/www/htdocs/w00fXXXX/ git checkout -f

CTRL+X, choose Y, Enter; this changes the destination-folder and overwrites everything (EVERYTHING!! do not store anything else in this folder)

hook must be executeable (it’s shell file)

`chmod +x post-receive`

now quit the putty console and install git.

navigate to a folder on your local machine, e.g. in windows explorer and right click -> start git bash

`git clone ssh://`


that’s it, ready for git-magic.

* except for if you hoster doesn’t allow other setups, then use `.htaccess` to deny web-access
** do not hesitate to enable HTTPS – at All Inkl the Let’s Encrypt certificates are included FOR FREE!!