„You people have no respect to tradition and culture in any kind of way. You don’t have to watch it if it makes you annoyed or frustrated… And you don’t have to visit Spain if in your opinion Spain is barbaric country. Let them live their lifes in their way… Nobody have to live life like everybody else… Every person is different that’s way world is so interesting… “
– Kacper Miluk

I don’t respect anyones tradition, nor do i respect anybodys culture. Why should i? Respect has to be earned. The more often you do something wrong, or beeing born within the people doing it wrong does not justify any cruelty. Not you nor them did anything that i have to respect. I do not respect any of your thoughts or actions that harm beeings. That you are alive and have an opinion has no relevance as long as you do not grant your rights on the ones that suffer under your opinion – without drawing a virtual line in front of those that dont fit your needs, and as long as you do not have to take any consequences from your rules. Your imaginary superiority means nothing without taking responsibility for the weak. Having respect for someone who has no respect for the live at all? Never.

‚looking away‘ is not how civilisation works.

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